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Gold Leaf Media is a small, personalized business focusing on the management of business social media accounts big and small. Content creation, social media management, marketing, and website creation to modernize and lessen the hassle for business owners.

Gold Leaf Media specializes in small businesses social media management, with experience in retail, and service-based businesses, as well as community organizations and city-based organizations. Creating content while working closely with businesses to capture the personality of the business and properly display it online. 





My name is Emma!

Founded in 2020 amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, I created Gold Leaf Media as a way to help local businesses I already had a connection to with the large & sudden shift in the importance of a business's presence online. With the immense amount of pressure that small businesses carry to manage and run their businesses taking on another project like social media was unneeded and daunting to many as it takes one of the most important resources: time. Taking previous experience with volunteer work and managing social media as well as a passion for marketing, Gold Leaf Media was started during my senior year of High School while we were distance learning at home.


After I graduated and moved into the summer, I went full force on my passion and my client base grew exponentially which I am so grateful and appreciative of. Now with a bigger portfolio, and working with the newest social media marketing strategies. I am always accepting small businesses in need of help creating, building on, and improving their digital presence through their website, social media pages, and even physical/traditional marketing.

If you'd like to learn more about me and what I do, submit a contact form and we can get in touch!


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